Dr. Jerry A. Smith has produced, edited, composited local TV commercials for nationally recognized non-profits, like the Human Society, documentary shorts, and regional live events. His work in visual graphics tends to be multi-level in nature, blending capabilities across various post-production platforms ( After Effects, Motion, Nuke, Shake, Cinema 4D, Maya, FCP, PFTrack/Syntheyes/Mocha). Dr. Smith's work includes compositing, editing, rotoing, keying, motion tracking and match moving, particles, coloring, 2D/3D modeling, graphics, and titles. He understands the VFX workflow and techniques, especially in a geographically distributed work stream. In addition to being an active visual effects practitioner, Dr. Smith is also a recognized computer scientist that builds systems used in the post production process, as well as a Adjunct Professor of Computer Science.