Jamie Anderson, ASC, who grew up in the Hudson Valley with a family darkroom off the kitchen, is one of the lucky ones that got to apprentice at “Roger Corman University” (officially called New World Pictures) after attending NYU Film school and working as a production assistant in New York.  He worked for a few years in the 1970’s in what was then a very active low budget film industry, which included serving as cinematographer on “Hollywood Boulevard” and “Piranha” for Joe Dante, before gaining membership to the camera union. He was lucky to work as camera operator for many fine cinematographers including John Alcott, Allen Daviau, Tak Fujimoto, Conrad Hall, Don McAlpine, and Vittorio Storaro.

After being promoted to Director of Photography for the 2nd Unit on “Dick Tracy”, he photographed films for Jonathan Kaplan, Brian Gibson, Joe Dante, Sam Raimi, Terry Zwigoff, and Kevin Smith, among others. He has shot many commercials and worked on several television movies as well as 28 episodes of the series, “Crossing Jordan”.

After working in Hollywood for 38 years, Jamie now lives in Portland, Maine. His full list of credits and be found at IMDb.