An artist and educator, Isabel Foley first discovered photography under the glow of the safelights in the darkroom at Guilford College. The camera quickly became her preferred medium, and thus began a lifelong obsession with the communicative and artistic possibilities of the photographic image. After earning a BFA at Guilford, Isabel went on to earn her MFA at The Savannah College of Art and Design and has been teaching and photographing ever since. In addition to working with Maine Media, Isabel has served on the Community Programs faculty at The International Center of Photography in NYC.

Isabel has worked as head photo editor for The New York Times Syndicate and is currently based in San Francisco where she works at Flickr exploring new possibilities in photo sharing. Constantly creating and exhibiting her own work, Isabel’s recent projects merge traditional and digital photographic practices. As a photographer with an editor's eye, Isabel guides students through the editing process to develop a personal vision, balancing technical skill with creativity. The joy of watching students dramatically fine-tune their skills and hone their vision in just a few short weeks brings her back to Maine Media summer after summer.