Gregory W. Harper is President of Harpervision Associates; a firm dedicated to assisting businesses develop and implement new visual and aural communication technologies. He is also co-founder of Gadgetoff, a unique annual event that gathers leading technologist and innovators in an exclusive gathering dedicated to new technologies. Mr. Harper is a senior advisor to Panasonic, working on their new Living in 3D initiative. Mr. Harper is a recognized futurist who is currently focusing on the next generation of ultra high definition (4K) telepresence, 3D TV, distance learning, digital distribution of media, home control/media servers, wireless personal information devices, mobile phones, digital signage, and rich media. Mr. Harper has a long list of credits as a producer and editor in video production and, most recently, 3D video production as a producer on the award winning 3D program "Concours d'Elegance." Mr. Harper guest lectures at many institutions including Columbia University Business School and Cinegrid at UCSD in San Diego. For 15 years Mr. Harper owned and operated a video production and post production facility in New York city where amongst other things he pioneered the satellite media tour, ACTV Interactive Television and IRN, a private financial network which ultimately became MSNBC Business Video where he was chief technologist.

As a designer of systems ranging from Telepresence and distance learning to digital media production systems, Mr. Harper has been awarded fifteen U.S. patents in the area of interactive digital video, and has five other patents currently pending. Mr. Harper has been a long time advisor to leading Wall Street investment banks, helping them deploy worldwide rich media systems as well as providing strategic information on cutting edge technologies and direction. Mr. Harper also serves as Senior Strategic Advisor to the Chairman of Trans World Entertainment (TWE), the largest mall-based retailer of music and video in the United States. For TWE, Mr. Harper has been a key player in the development of digital media strategies including developing systems and strategies for digital media downloading. Mr. Harper was instrumental in the development and deployment of the Listening and Viewing System (LVS) that allows shoppers in FYE stores to sample both audio and video content as well as purchase and download tracks.

Mr. Harper serves on the board of the Institute of Audio Research, IAR, and on the advisory board of Mix and Burn LLC. Mr. Harper is a frequent speaker at major conferences worldwide lecturing about next generation media and technology trends. Mr. Harper is a regular contributor to ABC News Now You Know and is the HD Answerman on the Panasonic Living in High Definition site.