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Brad Edmiston has been a Camera Assistant for more than 35 years, working with many Directors of Photography including Dante Spinotti, Vilmos Zsigmond, Conrad Hall, Fred Murphy, and Darius Khondji.  Brad started as a Film Loader for Universal Studios’ Camera Department in 1974.  He then worked as a Second Assistant until 1980, when he moved up to First Assistant for the hit TV show Dynasty.  His credentials since, include feature films such as; The Karate Kid (Brad’s first feature), The Karate Kid 2, The Dead (John Huston’s last directorial job), Sliver, Seven, Jingle all the Way, The X Files Movie, Zoolander, and Shark Night 3-D. 

Brad’s recent work includes numerous commercials, 2 seasons of the TV show, Southland, 1 season of the TV show, Terrier’s,  and the short-lived TV show, Ironside.   Also, he had done 2nd Unit work on Captain America, Fast and Furious 7, and Ant-Man.