Ana Foy has numerous professional credits on narrative short and feature films; short and long form documentary projects; scripted and reality television series; music videos; commercials; and corporate and industrial videos in the camera and lighting departments.

She has previously served as the Filmmaking Technical Manager at Maine Media Workshops. Since 2010 she has served on the faculty of Maine Media Workshops and College. She has taught Cinematography, Film Production and Film History in Maine Media College’s Filmmaking Professional Certificate Program. She has taught a variety of filmmaking workshops from 2-Day camera and lighting classes to four and six week intensives, covering all aspects of narrative filmmaking, from screenwriting through postproduction. Ana is also available to teach private workshops for individual, corporate and institutional clients, tailored to their specific needs.

Ana received her MFA in Film Production from Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts, where she specialized in Cinematography. She earned her BS in Motion Pictures from the University of Miami’s School of Communication, with a double major in Photography. Her visual approach as a filmmaker has also been refined through years of training and working in the diverse fields of architecture, interior design, graphic design, advertising, ceramics and museum communications.