Alissa Hessler is an art director and creative project manager. A new transplant to the Mid-Coast, she grew up in redwood forests of California’s North Coast.

Alissa has worked in the design management, photography and film worlds for over a decade. She was a project manager and photography art director at the award-winning design firm Turnstyle Studio in Seattle, WA. At Turnstyle she was

responsible for selecting all commercial photographers for projects and developed a keen eye for selecting the best talent for specific jobs. Her client list included industry giants Nordstrom, Microsoft, Teague and Starbucks.

In addition to her career in the creative management world, Alissa's real talents lie in being an incredible editor. After moving to Maine in 2011, she has stepped into the role managing Jacob’s fine-art career and acting as the director client relations for their creative branding agency, Hessler Creative.