Security Camera Monitoring Policy

Updated: September 2021

The purpose of this policy is to regulate the use of Security Cameras to monitor and record on campus for the purposes of safety and security. This policy applies to all personnel and property of Maine Media Workshops + College in the use of security camera monitoring and recording.

Campus Safety and Security is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the campus community by integrating the best practices of campus safety. A critical component of a comprehensive security program is the use of security cameras.

Security cameras are used in public areas to deter crime and to assist in protecting the organization community and property.

Information obtained via security camera monitoring will be used exclusively for security and law enforcement purposes. Information obtained by security camera monitoring will only be released when authorized by both the Provost or the President.

Security camera monitoring of public areas for security purposes will be conducted in a manner consistent with existing policies, including Non-Discrimination Policy, the Sexual Harassment Policy, and other relevant policies.

Security camera monitoring of public areas for security purposes at Maine Media is limited to uses that do not violate the reasonable expectation of privacy as defined by the law.

Images and any related data collected by security camera are the property of Maine Media Workshops + College.

The President has the responsibility to authorize all security camera monitoring for the safety and security purposes at Maine Media Workshops + College in consultation with the Provost, Registrar & Director of Student Services, Director of Finance & Administration and Campus Security Authority.

The Campus Security Authority (CSA) is authorized to oversee and coordinate the use of security camera monitoring equipment at Maine Media. The Campus Security Authority has the primary responsibility for disseminating and implementing policy and procedures.

The Campus Security Authority will monitor new developments in the law and industry standards and protections.

All operators and supervisors involved in security camera monitoring of public areas will perform their duties consistent with the policy developed by the Campus Security Authority.

Camera positions and views of residential housing is limited. Any view given of housing will be no greater than what is available with unaided vision. Furthermore, any view must not violate the standard of “a reasonable expectation of policy.”

The security camera monitoring will be configured so as to prevent the tampering with or duplicating of information.

Recording video media will be stored for on a dedicated server. Maine Media may occasionally erase footage for storage purposes, unless retained as part of a criminal investigation or court proceedings (Civil and Criminal), or other bona fide use as approved by the President or Provost.

Video Media will be stored in a secure location with access by authorized personnel only.

Mobile or portable security camera equipment may be used to ensure the safety and security of Maine Media’s community.