Reporting Criminal Activity or Emergencies

Updated: September 2021

MMW+C’s students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report all crimes and public safety related incidents to one of the Campus Oversight Team members (COT) or Campus Security Authority (CSA) team members in a timely manner. Crimes should be reported to MMW+C to ensure inclusion in the annual crime statistics and, when appropriate, to aid in providing timely warning notices to the community. A victim of a crime may not want to pursue action within MMW+C or the criminal justice system, they may still want to consider making a confidential report to a COT or CSA team member or completing the online Incident Report, so that it may be reported in the annual crime statistics. In such cases, the report will be kept entirely confidential, and will be disclosed only as a statistic.

If a crime of a non- emergency nature occurs, the crime may be reported to one of the COT or CSA team members, who can then assist in reporting the crime to local law enforcement authorities if the individual wishes to do so.

Members of MMW+C’s community should report any crimes to the COT or CSA team if the victim is unable to do so. Any crime of an emergency nature should be first reported to local law enforcement (911) in order to receive immediate help, as MMW+C does not have its own campus police. When calling 911, please note that Maine Media is not automatically notified. An online Incident Report must also be completed.

Guests on campus may use campus phones, strategically located around campus, to make emergency calls. Emergency numbers are posted next to each phone, as well as the building location. Guests may use these phones to report a criminal incident, a fire, or other type of emergency.

Persons desiring more confidentiality may also contact any COT or CSA anytime of the day or night to report a crime, or they may proceed directly to the Rockport Police Department to make their report. Persons may report criminal activity to local law enforcement officials or COT or CSA.

If someone contacts a COT or CSA, the following information is requested:

  • Individual’s name
  • Location and description of the incident being reported
  • A description of any vehicles or suspects involved in the incident

The most important thing to remember is that suspicion of a crime does not require proof. If you suspect that a crime is being committed or has been committed, call COT immediately.

When a crime is reported to COT or other appropriate officials of the college, it will normally be investigated by COT and/or the police. In addition, if the suspect is a student, there will be an inquiry through the Provost. If the suspect is an employee of the College, an inquiry will be conducted by the HR/Business Manager and/or other appropriate Maine Media officials. It is the policy of Maine Media to take every report of criminal activity seriously and to take appropriate action consistent with applicable law, public safety, and campus safety.

Crimes reported to COT or CSA may be counted for purposes of inclusion in the annual statistical disclosures and will be considered for the purpose of making timely warning reports. There is currently no policy to encourage staff to inform the persons that they are counseling of any procedures to report crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis for inclusion in the annual security report.


  • Michael Mansfield, President 207.236.8581 x350 cell: 207-360-1501 [email protected]
  • Elizabeth Greenberg, Provost 207.236.8581 x353 cell: 207-542-2238 [email protected]
  • Kerry Curren, Registrar & Director of Student Services 207.236.8581 x303 cell: 207-236-2705 [email protected]
  • Cathi Finnemore, Director of Finance & Administration 207.236.8581 x360 cell: 207-542-5327 [email protected]