Updated: September 2021

Maine Media Workshops + College has established this policy in order that a safe campus, conducive to learning and growth may be maintained.

Electric Appliances
Electric blankets or electric bed warmers of any kind, pressing irons, sun lamps, soldering tools, halogen lamps, portable heating units or portable air conditioning units, and electric cooking equipment, including grills (such as the “George Foreman” unit) and air fryers are not permitted. Cooking equipment that is prohibited, if found in resident rooms, will be confiscated, and returned at the end of the contract period. Residents are financially responsible for damages caused by cooking that result in extensive repairs.

The use of additional heating or air conditioning units, except those already provided for by the College are strictly prohibited.

Electrical Safety
Any electrical device which is modified after purchase is prohibited and will be removed. You may not add wiring, remove, or alter existing wiring, or use unsafe wiring devices. Outlet expanders are prohibited and will be confiscated. Thin wire extension cords used for any purpose other than extending a single, low-wattage item will be removed. Overloading thin wire extension cords can lead to overheating and fire. Do not plug power strips into thin wire extension cords. In no case should power strips be plugged into other power strips. In no case may current-carrying wire be run under carpets or be taped across walking paths, door thresholds, or through doorways where pinching or other damage can result. Fines may be issued for unsafe wiring practices.

Fire Protection and Combustible Material
A fire is a disaster that can be avoided by the mutual effort of everyone. The misuse of fire safety equipment (e.g., fire escapes, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and fire alarms) is not permitted and is a violation of public safety laws in the State of Maine. Smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, and fire alarms may not be covered with tapestries or other materials. Nothing may be attached to or hung from sprinkler pipes or sprinkler heads. A $200 fine will be assessed along with the repair/replacement cost if any life safety items are tampered with.

Recreational Equipment – Motorized
Items prohibited from Maine Media’s buildings and grounds include but are not limited to: battery or gasoline-motorized cycles, self-balancing scooters, hoverboards or similar equipment.

Maine Media Workshops + College is a smoke-free campus, including the prohibition of smoking in all Maine Media-owned, leased, and operated campus grounds both indoor and outdoor areas except for the designated outdoor smoking area away from public activity. Maine State law prohibits persons less than 21 years of age from smoking. This smoking ban does not apply to public rights-of-way (sidewalks, streets) at the perimeter of the campus. Maine Media prohibits use of e-cigarettes (personal vaporizing instruments) in the facilities the same as traditional tobacco products.

The presence of ash-filled ash trays and/or hookahs and water pipes will be considered proof of smoking in rooms and will be reported to the Registrar & Director of Student Services. View full policy at https://www.mainemedia.edu/230-020-smoke-free-campus/

Open Flames
Candles and incense have resulted in fires, injuries, and/or property damages. Therefore, the use and/or storage of candles and incense are not permitted in any facility.

All fireworks are prohibited from Maine Medias’ buildings and grounds. Please be sure to review Maine Medias’ Fire & Evacuation Plan