230.012 – Disciplinary Policy

Updated: September 2021

In an emergency or immediate and time-sensitive situation, Maine Media Workshops + College may suspend its normal disciplinary procedures and temporarily dismiss and remove from campus a student whose conduct is determined to be sufficiently disruptive or dangerous. Such conduct includes but is not limited to behavior that is threatening to self or others, behavior that disrupts the campus and learning environment, public impairment from alcohol or other substances, and other offenses included in General Policies & Handbooks. Should a student refuse cooperation or become disruptive enough that Maine Media staff needs assistance, the Rockport police may be contacted. Maine Media’s President, Provost or their designate may act, in concert with the Registrar & Director of Student Services and the Programs Director, to enforce Maine Media’s disciplinary procedures and determinations. Maine Media will then follow the non-emergency disciplinary procedures to determine non-temporary discipline

In non-emergency cases, where there is indication that student behavior violates campus policy, the following sequence of actions will occur:

  • Fact Finding: The offending behavior will be reported to the Provost or their designate. The Provost, and any other appropriate individuals involved in the incident, will investigate the allegations and determine the facts of the case, which will be reported, in writing, to the Registrar & Director of Student Services.
  • Interview With Student(s)/Others: The Provost and their designate will meet with the student(s) and any other individuals involved, in person or by phone, together and/or separately, as appropriate, to review the facts of the case, to allow the student(s) to respond to the allegations and to present their version of the alleged events. They may meet, separately, with any witnesses to the incident. The Provost and their designate(s) may consult with other administrative staff, as needed.
  • Disciplinary Action: Following the meeting with the student(s), the Provost and their designate(s) will determine if disciplinary action is warranted. If so, such action may include dismissal from the program or making continued enrollment conditional upon cessation of the offending behavior. The decision will be made in consultation with the President and communicated in writing to the student, who will be required to sign a statement agreeing to comply with the conditions for continued enrollment.
  • Noncompliance by the Student: If the student violates the conditions for continued enrollment, as determined by fact-finding, the student will be dismissed.

In all such incidents the Maine Media Workshops + College staff member(s) addressing the situation will document the incident and action(s) taken.

Decisions made and actions taken pursuant to these disciplinary procedures may be appealed to the President who shall make a final determination.

Students are no longer considered a student at Maine Media Workshops + College. Student must reapply for admission to Maine Media with no guarantee of readmission. Transcript will indicate that the student was dismissed by Maine Media Workshops + College.

Students who are dismissed must vacate their rooms within 24 hours. No tuition, room, board or fees will be refunded. If a dismissed student received federal Title IV financial aid and is dismissed prior to completing 60 percent of the semester, the federal aid programs will be refunded in accordance with federal policies and based on the percentage of the semester not completed. Accordingly, students utilizing VA education benefits who fail to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in accordance with school policy will have their benefits interrupted.

A student may contact the Provost or any of the above for information and assistance in these areas.