240.020 – Wireless Network Policy

Date Revised: May 2017

Wireless networking offers great benefits to Maine Media Workshops + College community. The design of the campus wireless network has been carefully planned. Maintaining the security and efficiency of the network requires strict control and adherence to policy.

The intention of this policy is to define roles and responsibilities for the design of any emerging wireless network, the installation, registration and management of wireless access points, adequate management and allocation of the wireless frequency spectrum and the services offered to end users for wireless access.

Statement of Authority and Scope
This policy applies to all wireless network devices using Maine Media’s IP space. It covers all wireless connections to Maine Media’s network. The Director of IT is responsible for the operation and management of the Maine Media Workshops + College network infrastructure. In order to ensure reliability, integrity and interoperability between the wired and wireless domains it is the responsibility of the Director of IT to ensure the design, management and appropriate use of the campus wireless infrastructure is in accordance with best practice and existing policies.

Non-Maine Media owned wireless equipment may NOT be connected to Maine Media’s wireless network without the Director of IT’s authorization.

Due to the nature of wireless networks the following additions should be noted:

  • If a serious security breach is in progress the Director of IT or Maine Media employee may disconnect any wireless network from Maine Media’s network from the LAN immediately.
  • The Director of IT or a designated Maine Media employee may disconnect any wireless network from the college network whose traffic patterns seem unusual or suspicious.

Within 24 hours of an incident, please complete Maine Media’s online incident report. Please be detailed and thorough. It is important that the names of all persons present be listed.