220.030 – SAFETY

Date Revised: March 2020

Maine Media Workshops + College strives to maintain safe learning environment to reduce accidents and to foster the general well-being and health of its students, staff & visitors.  To accomplish this, individuals should bring any unsafe conditions or suggestions for improvement to the attention of the Provost, President or the Operations Manager. Everyone expected to perform tasks with care and consideration of physical safety.         


  • Lifting: Ask for assistance when lifting heavy objects. There is information about safe lifting techniques available in the business office.
  • Safety goggles, dust masks, And Gloves: always wear this protective gear when needed. If these are not available, you may request from the Operations Manager.
    • Staff must always wear closed toed shoes and eye protection when mowing lawns.
  • Eyewash stations are located in both darkroom labs (Haas & NIC).
  • Closed Toed Shoes must be worn in the housekeeping, kitchen, and maintenance & on all film sets.
  • First Aid Kits are located at following areas:
    • Film Office
    • Tech Department
    • NIC and Haas Labs
    • Administration Office
    • Digital Labs
    • Kitchen
    • Studio
    • Campus Residence in the housekeeping office or the Managers apartment.
    • Each vehicle owned and operated by Maine Media will also include a First Aid Kit.
    • All campus housing owned and operated by Maine Media will also include a First Aid kit.
  • Instant ice packs are available for burns and bruises in the Kitchen and the Tech Department.

In an emergency, do not hesitate to seek medical attention immediately. Phones on campus list emergency numbers. Also refer to 220.010 – EMERGENCY INFORMATION (CAMPUS OVERSIGHT TEAM).

Within 24 hours a detailed incident report must be completed. Please be detailed and thorough. It is important that the names of all persons present at the event be listed.