130.010 – CORE VALUES

Updated: April 2017

Maine Media College core values are to:
Create an inspiring, supportive community where students, staff and faculty engage, discover, learn, and create.
To do this we:

  • Respect each individual voice while fostering teamwork.
  • Nurture and extend our community, embracing inclusivity.
  • Conduct ourselves with professionalism and respect.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Work collaboratively to pursue creative innovation and continual growth.
  • Embrace wholehearted engagement in intense learning experiences.
  • Encourage and support each individual’s journey towards change and transformation.

It is expected that all members of the Maine Media College community including board, faculty, staff, and students participate in the community with a level of ethical behavior that supports the mission of the school, these core values, and the well being of each individual in the community.

In addition to the policies and procedures published in the employee, student, and faculty handbooks, all community members must be responsible for their actions and not engage in behavior that is threatening, dangerous or harmful to self or others, that causes disruption to the campus and learning environment, or that damages physical property.

Policies and procedures for students and faculty, including procedures for filing and resolving grievances, are published in the Employee, Student, and Faculty handbooks.