Director of Programs

JOB CLASS: Full-time, year-round, salary position with benefits


SUMMARY: The Director of Programs is responsible for the coordination, administration and implementation of MMW+C’s extensive workshop programs and intensives. He/she manages the IT Assistant, multiple program departments, and seasonal staff to support the smooth and efficient operations of workshop programs. He/she works with the Provost and program managers / chairs to develop and maintain relationships with administration support staff and industry sponsors. Coordinates with Provost and program chairs on support and integration of certificate and degree programs.


  • Coordinating with program chairs, program managers, IT Assistant and Facilities Manager, regarding workshops, intensives and long – term programs to ensure smooth workflow and implementation of all programming.
    • This includes:
      • Classroom and facilities scheduling
      • Overseeing classroom prep and set up
      • Overseeing IT set up, design and support for classes
      • Managing staff in all program related departments
      • Integration of program design for courses (as it relates to facilities and functionality of systems)
      • Facilitating the course evaluation system
  • Working with the Program Coordinator and Program Assistant to facilitate all faculty outreach for class preparation including faculty contracts.
  • Processing and reviewing student evaluations
  • Working with the Faculty Services & Hospitality Liaison to coordinate faculty travel and housing.
  • Orienting and on-boarding workshop faculty
  • Hiring, orienting and training seasonal staff
  • Scheduling and supervising Teaching Assistants
  • Setting an example and ensuring that seasonal staff understand expectations for teamwork, professionalism, enthusiasm, creating a welcoming environment, and embodying our core values.
  • Providing training for all program related staff in all programs to ensure faculty and students are adhering to professional set safety & etiquette protocols.
  • Working with the Provost and the Director of Finance to develop operational and capital budgets.
  • Responsibility for managing expenses to meet the annual budget.


  • IT Assistant
  • Program Coordinator
  • Program Assistant(s)
  • Program / Production Interns
  • Film Program Manager
  • Locations & Talent Coordinator
  • Digital Services Department Manager
  • B&W Darkroom Manager
  • Teaching Assistants (for all programs)


  • BA degree preferred
  • Minimum 2-5 years work experience in arts related non-profit preferred


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Leadership / Management experience
  • Ability to work collaboratively as member of team
  • Arts education / administrative experience
  • Attention to detail and project management skills
  • Understanding of and commitment to best practices in photography, filmmaking, book arts and production for safety and set etiquette
  • Familiarity with software tools such as excel, word, power point, google docs, filemaker
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and other creative source software related to media arts
  • Ability to work with content management system (Salesforce) on the web and social media.