(Note: All information subject to change.)

Start Date:  6/14/2020  End Date: 10/31/2020

Compensation: $13 per hour plus meals when campus kitchen is serving (Sunday dinner through Friday dinner).

Number of openings: 01


The responsibilities of this position are carried out under the guidance of the Film Program Manager. This individual will oversee the audio/video presentation for the Friday night screening. They must have experience with all industry standard non-linear editing systems and digital workflow, a strong background in information technology, and the ability to manage and work well with groups of people in a fast paced and demanding educational environment. This individual must be well organized, responsible, personable, dependable, and a creative problem solver.

Basic Qualifications and Criteria
  • Bachelors in video editing, filmmaking, or equivalent vocational training
  • Extensive editing experience showcased on a reel or portfolio provided by the applicant
  • In-depth knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, particularly Premiere, After Effects and Audition
  • Understanding of various digital workflows including RAW debayering, normalizing LOG footage with LUTs, generating dailies
  • Knowledge of AVID desired
  • Mac/PC knowledge
Lead Editor Experience

The Lead Editor is responsible for oversight of the Post Production Team, maintenance of the facilities and machines, and providing support for various workshops on a weekly basis. They will communicate with instructors to assess class needs and schedule appointments for students to attend one-on-one or group editing sessions with an editor. They will ensure their staff is trained to support students accordingly.

Throughout the season, the Post Production Team will produce the weekly Friday Night Showcase of student work consisting of a cut piece from each workshop. They will advise TAs of their allotted running time and establish processes for data management to ensure materials are received on deadline as set by the Lead Editor.

The Lead Editor will use their extensive experience to support the editing staff and students in exploring opportunities to enhance their projects using various video editing tools. They will put processes in place for best practice, while maintaining flexibility to further explore creativity and learning.