(Note: All information subject to change.)

Start Date:  6/14/2020  End Date: 11/14/2020

Compensation: $692.31 per week plus meals when campus kitchen is serving (Sunday dinner through Saturday breakfast).

Number of openings: 01


The responsibilities of this position are carried out under the guidance of the Film Program Manager. The Film Technical Manager oversees the daily workings of the Technical Department, including the equipment barn, the soundstage, the trailers, helping students and faculty with all their technical needs, and management of the Assistant Manager and intern. Duties include contacting instructors before the classes begin to assemble requested equipment lists, working with sponsors, coordinating rental and shipping of equipment, teaching safety and the proper use of all the equipment, and keeping track of department expenses. This person should be comfortable towing a production trailer and generators locally as well as for interstate travel – training may be provided as necessary. As the first point of contact for students, faculty and sponsors, this position requires a strong understanding of customer service and professionalism.

Basic Qualifications and Criteria

  • Bachelors in film, media or a related field, or equivalent vocational training
  • Experience working on a film production, in a rental house or studio
  • Ability to troubleshoot technical issues with various DSLR and cine camera systems
  • Knowledge of lighting and grip equipment
  • Comfortable using Single Phase cable and distribution
  • Competent in metering electricity as well as balancing amperage loads, including upkeep and repair of damaged cable
  • Basic knowledge of generators a plus
  • Reel representing your work
  • Mac/PC knowledge
  • Adobe Premiere/Final Cut software experience is desired

Film Technical Manager Experience

The Film Technical Manager will provide support to all the filmmaking workshops and coordinate all aspects of production related to the use of film equipment, the soundstage, power distribution, and the use of the production trailers. It is the job of this individual to communicate with instructors in advance to generate an equipment list for the class and arrange the rental, insurance, and shipping of additional equipment. A major part of the experience is providing support on set and on location to assist the students and instructors with any technical needs that arise.