Start Date: 6/7/2020 End Date: 8/22/2020

Compensation: $13.00 per hour plus meals when campus kitchen is serving (Sunday dinner through Friday dinner).

(Note: All information subject to change.)                               

Number of openings: 01


The responsibilities of this position are carried out under the guidance of the Programs Department. This individual must be able to work well with groups of people in a fast paced and demanding educational environment. The candidate must be well organized, responsible, personable, dependable, a creative problem solver and above all else respectful. This individual oversees the management and day-to-day operations of the student B&W and Alternative Processes labs. Duties include supervising the lab staff, teaching basic lab and safety procedures, ordering and maintaining chemistry, keeping an inventory of lab equipment, maintaining lab facilities and equipment, tracking an operational budget and maintaining the DEP files, hazardous waste disposal and silver recovery. This individual also coordinates with the lab sponsors to obtain equipment and supplies.

The Lab Manager attends the weekly production meeting to coordinate lab schedules and instructor’s needs for demonstrations and supplies. The Lab Manager must have experience and working knowledge of all photographic processes, equipment and procedures, along with mechanical and electrical aptitude.

Basic Qualifications and Criteria

• Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or equivalent in their field (hold or currently pursuing one)
• Experience and working knowledge of all photo related equipment (enlargers/washers/dryers/presses)
• Demonstrated experience with B&W printmaking and materials
• Experience managing a small staff
• Portfolio of work representing your style and conceptual ideas
• Ability to troubleshoot technical issues with various camera systems
• Previous experience with silver recovery is preferred but not required
• Photoshop/Lightroom/Premiere software experience is necessary
• Experience with Epson and Canon Printers
• Experience with flatbed scanning and image archiving
• Familiarity with Alternative Processes

The Black & White Lab Manager Experience

The Lab Manager will work closely with the Programs Department on ordering all supplies necessary for courses and general lab needs. They will be responsible for scheduling the lab tech and the two lab interns in accordance with the courses during that week. The Lab Manager will check in with the weeks’ instructors routinely to be sure all things are going smoothly. They will also be accountable for maintaining an inventory of all equipment and repairing, within reason, any damaged equipment during the course of the season.