Updated: April 2008

The organization will provide employees who are regular users of video display terminals education and training in the safe and proper use of a terminal and comfortable working conditions. Any employee, whose assigned duties require the employee to work at a terminal for four or more consecutive hours on any day, will be considered a terminal operator and subject to the provisions of this policy.

In order to inform all terminal operators on the proper and safe use of a terminal, upon request, the organization will supply appropriate equipment, and will provide training and education which will include:

  • An explanation or description of the proper use of terminals and the protective measures that the operator may take to avoid or minimize symptoms or conditions that may result from extended or improper use of terminals.
  • Instruction related to the importance of maintaining proper posture during terminal operation and a description of methods to achieve and maintain this posture, including the use of any adjustable work station equipment used by the operator.
  • A written explanation of the rights and duties accorded to a terminal operator under State and Federal laws as well as the conspicuous posting of the latest laws in the work place.