220.060 – Inclement Weather & Cancellations

Updated: May 2017


The organization provides a professional work environment for its employees, and we expect all employees to exercise reasonable judgment regarding work, family, and personal obligations.

Use caution in hazardous conditions. Snow removal crews work to keep the campus clear. Please cooperate with all parking bans or other weather-related campus restrictions. As snow and ice melt, be aware of snow sliding off rooftops and icicles forming and dropping from overhead, both on and off-campus.


Should the school be closed due to inclement weather, a work cancellation notice will be sent via a text message to all employees’ that have submitted their phone number and carrier to the business office. Business office may be contacted at anytime to ensure your contact information is up to date.

Employees will be paid for all or part of a day depending on the cancellation notification. If inclement conditions make it difficult for you to drive to or from work, but are not cause for office closure, you may miss a period of work. Non-exempt employees may choose to make up the hours during the same pay period, use allotted personal or vacation time or not make up the time and forfeit pay for those hours. When the weather is questionable, we encourage you to use your own judgment in deciding when to arrive or leave from work.