Updated: April 2015

Maine Media Workshops + College employee’s* are covered by Workers’ Compensation while on the job. When an employee becomes injured or ill as a result of a work-related incident, it is organization policy to facilitate the employee’s return to work. The appropriate and timely return of an employee is the responsibility of the employee, the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier, and the supervisor.

Maine Media Workshops + College has an accident insurance policy designed for these staff members and students. If an intern or long term student is injured while working for the organization, the individual should seek medical attention. The individual is responsible for their own medical expenses. The individual may complete an insurance claim form (available in the business office). This coverage is in excess over any other valid and collectible insurance an individual may have. However, even if an individual is covered under other insurance, this plan will cover unpaid balances, deductibles and those eligible expenses not covered by other insurance. If there is no other coverage, our program pays on a primary basis up to the limits of the policy. Accidental injury claims carry a $0 deductible with each occurrence with a lifetime maximum benefit of $25,000.

First Injury Report
If an employee is injured at work, NOTIFY YOUR EMPLOYER AT ONCE. The employee will be required to answer questions about the injury and fill out a first injury report (located in the business office). Employees may lose their right to receive benefits unless the employer is notified within 90 days of the injury. The claim is also subject to a two-year statute of limitations. Worker advocates are available at the Workers’ Compensation Board to help injured workers. For questions about rights, please contact the regional offices at:

24 Stone Street
Augusta, ME 04330-5220
207.287.2266 (voice)
888.645.2266 (voice)

Returning to Work
The supervisor will obtain the necessary approval from physician/s or other involved medical personnel (by the employee) for assessment before the employee may return to work.

If the employee is restricted in duties s/he may perform, the medical service provider will specify the type, nature, and duration, if possible, of any restriction. The employee will be accommodated as appropriate.