Updated: May 2019

It is organization policy to make employees aware of their benefits continuation rights under the Consolidated Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).

Should the circumstances under which you and/or your spouse and/or dependent children are eligible for health coverage or dental insurance change, you and/or your family members may be eligible to continue coverage under COBRA. Qualifying events include:

  • Termination of your employment
  • Reduction in your work hours
  • You become eligible for Medicare
  • Divorce or legal separation of you and your spouse
  • A child’s loss of eligibility for dependent status

When the business office is notified that a qualifying event has occurred, you and your eligible dependents will receive information regarding entitlement to continue group coverage. You will have 60 days from the date you lose coverage or 60 days from the date you receive such information, whichever is later, to elect continued coverage. Coverage will end if any of the following events should occur:

  • The organization no longer provides group health or dental coverage to any of its employees
  • The premium for continued coverage is not paid by the employee
  • You become covered as an employee or otherwise under another group plan
  • You become eligible for Medicare