Updated: April 2008

Employees who are members of state military forces or in the reserves of the United States Armed Forces will be given a leave of absence without pay when engaged in annual duty training days and on all inactive duty, full-time training duty and active duty training days. Additionally, employees who are called to or volunteer for active duty will be granted a leave of absence without pay. Reinstatement will be granted when employees report for work within 90 days of non-dishonorable discharge from active duty.

The above provisions are contingent upon the employee giving proper notice of the employee’s absence. Proof of actual military duty will be required.

Employees who serve in US military organizations may take the necessary time off without pay to fulfill this obligation. In such cases, all legal rights for continued employment will be retained. Employees may apply accrued but unused earned time to the leave if desired. However, there is no obligation to do so.

Employees called to serve who are covered under the organization’s health insurance program may continue coverage as though actively employed for up to 24 months by paying their portion of the premium. On return from service, health insurance coverage, which was interrupted at the employee’s request, will be reinstated without any waiting period.

Employees are expected to notify their managers when aware of the dates of duty so that arrangements can be made for a replacement during that time.