Updated: January 2019

It is Maine Media Workshops + College policy that year-round employees receive specific holidays off with pay.

Temporary, seasonal and extended seasonal employees do not qualify for Maine Media’s paid holiday’s benefit.

For non-exempt employees the number of hours paid per holiday day will be based on the employee’s average hours worked per week. Due to the nature of the organizations business there are three holidays that are not considered holidays off with pay. These holidays are Memorial Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day.

The following days are the only days considered days off with pay:
• President’s Day
• Patriot’s Day
• Indigenous People’s Day
• Veteran’s Day
• Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday and Friday)
• Christmas Eve day through New Year’s Day

Should a paid holiday conflict with an employee’s requirement to work the employee may exchange the paid holiday for another within 30 days of the paid holiday. The employee’s supervisor and the business office must receive notification in writing within 5 days of exchange.

Holiday exchange not taken within 30 days will be forfeited.

If employment is terminated unused holiday exchange(s) will not be compensated.