180.020 – TIME OFF:  SICK DAYS

Updated: January 2019

Maine Media Workshops + College will provide year-round employees 5 days of sick time off per calendar year.

Temporary, seasonal and extended seasonal employees do not qualify for Maine Media’s sick time off benefit.

New employees must complete a 30-day waiting period before earning sick days. For non-exempt employees the number of hours paid per sick day will be based on the employees’ average hours worked per week.

In addition, sick days will be pro-rated for employees not working a full calendar year. For example, an employee hired July 1st will receive 2.5 sick days the first calendar year. Unused sick days do not carry over to the next calendar year.

Non-exempt employees may not take sick time that would cause the paid hours in any week to exceed 40 hours.

Year-round, part-time exempt employees, required to work on Maine Media’s campus, will receive 2 ½ sick days per calendar year.

Under no circumstance will sick time be used as an extension of vacation or personal time off.

Should employment terminate unused sick days will not be paid out.

Once notice of termination is given by the employer or employee, sick days will no longer be available for use.

Employee must notify two members of the staff if employee will not be at work: the employee’s immediate supervisor and the business manager. If one of these is not available you may contact the business manager as your only notification.

If an employee is out sick more than two consecutive days, a doctor’s note may be required to receive the time off paid.

Employees that use the time tracking system must also make note of sick time.