Updated: May 2019

Official employee personnel files will be maintained in the business office. These files (or appropriate parts thereof) are confidential and are available to authorized personnel only, e.g., employee’s supervisor, department manager, administration, the department manager to whom the employee may be transferring, and the President.

An employee has the right to review any material in the employee’s personnel file by making an appointment with the business office.

Except as required by law, release of information to non-organization personnel by the business office will be limited to the following:

Verification of employment – Job title and dates of employment may be verified by the business office. Responses may include provision of employment verification and factual information contained in the file, provided the employee or former employee furnishes a signed authorization releasing such information. Only the information authorized for release will be released.

Due to document retention, Maine Media Workshops + College does not fulfill requests for employees terminated more than 7 years from date of request.

Personnel files may not be removed from the business office. Others authorized to review an employee file may do so within the business office. Employees may review their own file in the business office but may not remove any documents from the files.