Updated: May 2019

The Business Office is the only department authorized to respond to employment reference inquiries, whether written or verbal.

Employees may be approached to provide references with respect to former employees. Those inquiries, either written or verbal, must be forwarded without comment to the Business Office.

There may be a formal, end-of-season written evaluation of each employee’s performance done by the manager/supervisor. This evaluation will grade the employee on their attitude and provide guidelines for improvement. This evaluation becomes a part of the employees personnel file and can be used for future reference.

In order to release the evaluation information or have your supervisor write a letter of recommendation the employee must fill out the reference request form or submit a letter/email permitting Maine Media Workshops + College to release this information. This request must be submitted to the business office. All requests will be appropriately recorded in the employees personnel file. All request responses from the Business Office will take up to 72 hours to respond.

Due to document retention, Maine Media Workshops + College does not fulfill requests for employees terminated more than 7 years from date of request.