170.060 – PAYCHECKS

Updated: March 2019

It is organization policy to pay employees weekly. Paychecks will be available on Thursday of every week. If the scheduled pay day falls on a holiday, paychecks will be issued on the subsequent workday, unless informed otherwise. Paychecks not picked up by the following week will be mailed to the employee’s address of record. Employees are to pick up their check only. DO NOT pick up another employee’s check. This may be grounds for disciplinary action.

The organization offers a choice of how employees may receive their pay. Employees may wish to have their paycheck directly deposited into a checking and/or savings account. If you participate in direct deposit, you receive a regular pay check stub, confirming that your pay has been deposited to your account, with an explanation of your pay and deductions.

It is the employees’ responsibility to view their check stub weekly for accuracy and to notify the business office immediately of any discrepancies. Employee holds harmless Maine Media Workshops + College from any fees imposed by employees’ bank.

Bangor Payroll Employee Portal
Bangor Payroll provides weekly payroll processing, paychecks and issue year end employee W2 forms. Maine Media employees may access their paycheck information and year end W2 forms on Bangor Payroll Employee Portal.

Paperless – Employees that receive direct deposit may also opt-out from receiving a weekly pay stub by notifying the business office.

The Employee Portal is a Web-based portal offering employees access to their payroll information via the Internet. Through the portal, employees can view and print payroll vouchers and W-2s and access their demographic data.

The Employee Portal can be used on tablets and mobile devices.

Open a Web browser and enter the URL https://ess.bangorpayroll.com for access to the Employee Portal.