130.020 – CODE OF ETHICS

Updated: April 2008


Maine Media Workshops + College is a non-profit corporation organized and operated for educational purposes.  Maine Media Workshops + College strives to accede to the highest ethical standards in the course of its operations as the best means of safeguarding its reputation.          


Each employee shall be required to adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

  • Maine Media Workshops + College seeks to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and contractual commitments, and every organization employee shall do his or her best to assist in meeting this fundamental commitment. No Maine Media Workshops + College employee shall harass, punish or impede any person making a bona fide “whistle blower” report of suspected illegal activity (see section 150.010).
  • Maine Media Workshops + College employees shall comply with all requirements necessary to safeguard confidential business information or other information that is required to be kept secure from disclosure (see section 130.040).
  • Maine Media Workshops + College employees shall neither accept nor solicit personal gifts, gratuities, bribes or kickbacks from any party seeking:
    • To do business with Maine Media Workshops + College;
    • To influence Maine Media Workshops + College decision or opinion on any programmatic, hiring, promotion or contractual matter;
    • To gain access to confidential business information;
    • To influence Maine Media Workshops + College action in comparable circumstances.
  • (Note:  The prohibition against accepting gifts shall generally not apply to meals or low cost items which are extended as gesture of appreciation, welcome or courtesy and without any exception by the donor of securing an unfair advantage.)
  • Maine Media Workshops + College shall provide accurate, timely, and understandable data on its finances, operations, fundraising, and planning to the extent required by law and by the best voluntary practices for charitable non-profit organizations.

Employees shall exercise their best efforts to assure that all public statements made on behalf of Maine Media Workshops + College are truthful and that information required to be disclosed in reports and documents submitted to governmental authorities is complete and accurate.