In this two-week workshop we will explore advanced dynamics relating to pre-production, production, and post-production. Guided by the core instructor and accomplished guest speakers, students will examine concepts relating to directorial perspective and technique and explore how to master the look of a film. Topics include how to prepare a look book to help define the visual impact of your film, how to use image, color, and framing to amplify the story’s theme and emotional core, storyboarding, doing test shots, and developing a shot list. To deepen your skills as a director, you’ll examine how to refine your concept to clarify a directorial point-of-view, learn how to audition actors, and be introduced to the language that leads to effective performances. You’ll also learn new possibilities in post-production: how to heighten your film’s impact through color grading and sound design. Students will complete exercises to support their exploration of the material being covered.