Board Officers and Committee Assignments

Board Officers

Chair – Nils Tcheyan
Vice-Chair – Mike Jeans
Treasurer – Keith Collins
Secretary – Sal Taylor Kydd

Committee Assignments

Board members serve on at least one of the standing committees of the board.

Chair – Nils Tcheyan
Members – Mike Jeans, Keith Collins, Sal Taylor Kydd, Rick Hopper, Anna Ginn
Key Staff – Michael Mansfield

Finance & Audit
Chair – Keith Collins
Members – Joanna Jones, Mike Jeans, Anna Ginn, Judy O’Dell (community member), James Dillon (community member)
Key Staff – Cathi Finnemore

Development & Partnerships
Chair – Anna Ginn
Members – Sal Taylor Kydd, Liv Rockefeller
Key Staff – Amy Morley
Additional Staff – Beth Storey

Academic & Student Affairs
Chair – Rick Hopper
Members – Cig Harvey, Liv Rockefeller
Key Staff – Elizabeth Greenberg

The Chair and President are ex officio members of all committees.

Ad Hoc Committees

Board Development
Chair – Mike Jeans
Members – Keith Collins, Anna Ginn, Rick Hopper, Sal Taylor Kydd
Key Staff – Michael Mansfield

Tripod Society
Chairs – Sue Michlovitz (community member), Ellen Slotnick (community member)
Key Staff – Beth Storey and Amy Morley

Chairs – Judy O’Dell (community member), Doug O’Dell (community member)
Key Staff – Michael Mansfield

Annual Fundraiser
Chair – Liv Rockefeller
Members – Anna Ginn, Cig Harvey, Sal Taylor Kydd
Key Staff – Michael Mansfield

Keystone Fund
Chair – Nils Tcheyan
Members – Anna Ginn, Mike Jeans

NECHE Steering
Chair – Rick Hopper
Members – Nils Tcheyan