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This workshop is designed for the experienced young photographer who is interested in honing their artistic vision, technique and impact through experimentation and exploration.  Digital photography is a flexible medium that can embrace the traditions of photographic vision and history, as well as delve into new experiments with the unique technology that is currently available.  Students of this workshop will be asked to embrace the mode of explorers, testing the boundaries of contemporary photography through the production of their imagery.   Whether the topic is the construction of an image, camera hacking, making prints on odd materials, or high-speed strobography, students will be using their minds and eyes to make their viewers reconsider the potential that a photograph can have.  Students will continue to hone their camera skills, as well as learn advanced techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom that will aid them in the creation of images and expressive fine prints.  Emphasis will also be placed on each student seeking a creative voice in their work that is unique to them.  Through reading, discussion, and viewing of a wide range of photography, students of this workshop will become familiar with the diverse world of photography and discover the potency of personal vision.

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