Each workshop has been designed for students with a specific level of technical knowledge and experience. Students should apply only to those courses within the appropriate experience levels. Courses with prerequisites are listed as such. Some master classes, advanced craft and technical workshops require that you submit a selection of work for acceptance. Please be sure to view the portfolio requirements and submission guidelines. Film applicants must include a current résumé outlining production experience with the application.


Film & Video Levels

·       Beginner - Students new to filmmaking with little or no training, professional, or production experience

·       Intermediate - Students with one or two years in film education or as a professional in film, video, or television. A base understanding of technology, terminology, and production methods is required.

·       Advanced - Film school graduates or working professionals with three or more years of experience in a specific field. Technical and production knowledge is required.

·       Master - Working professionals with five or more years experience in a specific field. Advanced technical knowledge and production experience is necessary.


Photographic Levels

·       Beginner - Students new to photography with little or no formal training. Digital students have basic computer skills.

·       Intermediate - Students have a basic understanding of photographic processes and technology and should be comfortable using a SLR camera in manual mode. Digital students are familiar with Adobe Lightroom software or similar organizational / editing application.

·       Advanced - Students have at least three years experience making photographs, a portfolio of personal work and some experience in classes and workshops. Digital photography students are comfortable with Adobe Photoshop editing skills.

·       Master - Advanced students and working professionals have at least five years experience and several portfolios of work. Digital Photographers are comfortable with advanced imaging techniques using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, depending upon the course.


Multimedia & Animation

·       Beginner - Students have basic computer skills, but no formal training in digital imaging, multimedia or animation.

·       Intermediate - Students use a Macintosh regularly and are familiar with basic digital imaging, multimedia and animation software.

·       Advanced - Students have completed basic training with digital imaging, multimedia or animation software and have a portfolio or reel of work.

·       Master - Advanced students work professionally using a Macintosh and various software applications, or have completed basic and advanced training courses in related software.