“Why?” is the question you will be asked and asking in this workshop, to discover the connections that advance your work from one image to the next.

© Arno MinkkinenMarville photographed the street lamps of Paris. Sudek, Charles Bridge in Prague. Gursky? Those endless Bigbox superstores and vertiginous palatial hotel lobbies. Subject matter has always defined a photographer. But what if we asked why? Why did Stieglitz point his camera skyward? Was it to refute the often-held claim that his privileged connections gave him the edge? The sky was free for all. 

Asking why is what this workshop aims to use as a better way of building a body of work. Subject matter is the easy, exterior part. Asking why allows us to discover the connections that advance our work from one image to the next. Why digs deeper and sticks: like an anchor that grabs hold. It’s what makes why so personal. When we learn that Stieglitz’s gesture to capture the heavens was actually prompted by the death of his mother, his Equivalents soar like never before.

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