The photographic narrative -- alone or in concert with other images -- can convey potent impressions about the world we live in.

Whether documenting a specific community, contemplating an interpersonal relationship, or capturing the highlights of a political or historical drama as it unfolds; visual stories have been a central theme in photography since its inception.Many photographers are talented shooters but lack basic understanding of how to creatively build a narrative out of their own images.

Using Maine as our sketch-pad, we will spend our week together, both photographing and in intensive critique. Students will learn how to implement various editing and sequencing techniques and gain a strong foundation of how to organize their work into powerful visual narratives be it documentary, or fictional imagery. The class will ruminate on how to develop images into coherent edits for portfolios, exhibitions, book projects, and clients.

Discussions and critiques will encourage participants to consider the use of text, audio, video, book design software, and other media technology in collaboration with their photographic practice. Our intensive week together will foster a deeper understanding of the visual story.

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