Breaking routine to break new ground

Expect to be jolted.  You will learn the benefits of collaborating on creative photographic projects to enhance your individual talents.

Each day the assignments will extend your creative horizons. They include storytelling which involves choosing a project and working collaboratively to develop a body of work, visual rhymes, multiple exposures and visualizing poetry. Whether working solo or on shared projects, the challenges are stepping stones which exercise the creative muscles and build throughout the week.

Every exercise is introduced with examples drawn from classic photographic literature and also the instructors’ own portfolios plus their collaborative work.

There are many disciplines in the arts where collaboration is the norm. Yet photography is typically a solitary pursuit. This course illustrates the rewards of sharing creative decisions with other talented photographers. Learn and grow with the flow of ideas.  Your individual talents will not be diminished but complimented.

The instructors will help and encourage your growth in developing a rich body of images.

Sponsored by Leica. Complimentary access to Leica cameras & lenses.

© Eileen Muldoon

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