Awaken your eye and strengthen your vision to experience subject matter in more meaningful and personal ways.

© Christine CollinsDiscover new possibilities! This course will expand your visual interests and add new energy to your work. Inspiration and knowledge is derived from lectures that examine the work of major photographers in specific fields, providing a context for each day's work. Discussions cover theory, history, and technical concerns. Afternoons are spent working in the field on specific assignments, each designed to awaken your eye and strengthen your ability to deal effectively with new subject matter in a meaningful and personal way. 

Subjects covered during the week:

First Day: Spaces - The afternoon is spent photographing spaces, capturing the corner of a room, photographing a farmyard, backyard or porch.

Second Day: The Landscape - We work on rural and urban landscapes, photographing seascapes and horizons to create three-dimensionality with the foreground, middle-ground and background.

Third Day: Objects - This day we photograph things, an object's integrity, essence and its place as defined by the space around it.

Fourth Day: The Portrait - We are concerned with exploring ways to photograph people: friends, strangers, groups of people, even ourselves.

Fifth Day: The Emotional Photograph - This assignment is to produce a single, complex photograph which expresses an emotion, concept or idea.

Final Day: Saturday morning is a final review of the week's work, with an assessment of each participant's progress, new ground broken, discoveries made and the direction in which each student will leave Rockport.

Mornings are filled with review and critique of the previous day's photographs. Lectures and discussions present new ideas and explore the way other photographers have handled specific subject matter. 

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop for image processing and editing since this is not based in a digital lab classroom.



Christine Collins

Christine Collins

Christine Collins to came to MMW as a Workstudy Program student in 1996. Collins received a BA from Skidmore College and a MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Recent exhibitions include Forces at Work, The University of Texas at Austin, [Photo]gogues: New England, Flash Forward Festival, Boston, The Easiest Season, Rayko Gallery, CA, Mentor:40 Photographers, 40 Years, Maine Center for Contemporary Art, ME, and Exposure, The Photographic Resource Center, Boston. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, The Boston Globe, Town and Country Magazineand Esquire Magazine and she was recently awarded the St. Botolph Club’s Artist Fellowship. Her work is represented by Jen Bekman Gallery, New York. Collins is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge, MA, where she teaches in the BFA and MFA programs.

From some of Christine's students:

"Magnificent integration of commentary of my work, the history of photography, and suggestions for future by the instructor"
- Paul Kessel, New York, NY

"Instructor provides insight into the sources of our emotional involvement with photographs"
- Allan Green, Cambridge, MA

© Christine Collins

Course Dates

Jun 28 to Jul 4
Aug 30 to Sep 5




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