Stephen Johnson's digital chops are monumental. Learn from a master in a perfect setting.

Stephen Johnson

Take digital image-making to new levels! Adventure out to photograph the landscapes, seascapes, architecture, towns, and forests of the Maine coast. Students collaborate in the field and in the lab to review selected images on camera LCDs and discuss exposure, composition, lens selection, quality of light, and the limitations and advantages of digital image-making. Together, the class discusses aesthetics, printing options, workflow, and explores Photoshop's advanced tools. We will work toward creating heartfelt images with the knowledge and guidance needed to make them more professional.

This workshop blends fieldwork in digital image capture, exposure, and composition, with critiques and lab work in image processing, printing, and presentation - all  in a week packed with information and inspiration.

Primary emphasis is on empowering participants to get past technological hurdles and pursue their vision.

 A portfolio review is required for admission to this course. You can submit a portfolio via a link to your website, online portfolio, or print submission. For more detailed information on these requirements, click here.




"The course was a perfect blend of high technical knowledge with the philosophical approach of the art."
- J.P. Lemonnier, Montreal, Canada

"The experience here is something you can't learn anywhere else.  Stephen has a way of teaching that reaches out and makes sense to all ages & backgrounds."
- Ashley Mercer, Colombus, OH

"Challenging, educative & a mix of technology & creativity."
- Ines Neuhaus, Key Biscayne, FL

"By the first morning of my workshop, I was already enlightened."
- Diego Zalduondo, Montevideo, Montevideo

"A wonderful learning experience in a very pleasant environment"
- Tom David, Miami, FL

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