Get your videos off of your DSLR and start sharing them with the world!

Still and motion cameras have merged so it’s time to learn the proper techniques to expand your visual storytelling capabilities.
There is no better way to learn the exciting possibilities of creating your own videos than to actually do it. This class is all about the ins and outs of how to create video with your video camera or your new video capable DSLR. Each student will take an active part in the creation of the final class video, from structuring the storyboard to being the main camera operator; every student participates in every position of video production. 
We will start with the basics in a hands-on environment. We will develop a script and storyboard for our shoot. As a class we will cover lighting, camera moves, creative camera techniques and the proper way to record sound. After plenty of practice as a class we will shoot a video for real world experience.   After our video is shot, the class will put the video together, working Adobe Premier Pro CC. We will discuss the differences in editing programs, import the footage, add some still photographs, create a rough cut and then finalize it. After the basic video is complete, we will sweeten the final product with sound effects, music and titles for a professionally finished product.
This is a very application orientated workshop. Although it seems like making videos is overwhelming technically, this workshop allows you to experience the entire process and have some fun at the same time. 


Richard Newman

Richard Newman has been in the still photography, music, and videography areas of media production for the past four decades. At present he is an independent video producer working on music and documentary projects in Northern California.  He was part of the Emmy Award-winning sound team for his work on Hill Street Blues and was awarded a Golden Reel Award for his sound work on “Nitti The Enforcer”. His work documenting the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 and 1990 is part of the White House photography archives as well as the permanent collection of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Richard's videos, photographs and writings have appeared in PDN EDU, Digital Photo Pro, View Camera, Lenswork, The Village Voice and Fretboard Journal. He is a published author of three photography books, and is the producer of Eddie Soloway’s DVD, A Natural Eye—Big Sur.  Bobbi Lane’s DVD “Posing and Directing” and Eric Skye’s DVD “3 Days on the Sonoma Coast”. He has just released, NERSHI-LAW live, a one-hour multi-camera music concert and Play Acoustic Guitar in Minutes (Hal Leonard ©2014) w/ Andrew DuBrock.

Course Dates

Aug 31 to Sep 6



Class Size