Explore the less traveled roads of Maine’s coastline and to create images that reveal the essence of place through frame, light, metaphors and lyricism.

Henry HorensteinMaine is a world of ocean views, lighthouses, crashing waves and lobster buoys. While these things describe aspects of Maine’s culture and identity, this workshop is for students looking to push their creative boundaries and document the unseen Maine. The unofficial title of this class could be “Anything But Lobster Traps.” In this workshop students learn to transcend the stereotypical and explore the nature of the place on a new level.

A major component of the class is looking at and discussing the work that is being made as the week progresses. Class time is dedicated to discussing composition and editing to select the best images that portray each student's unique vision. Discussion centers on creative and artistic expression as well as technical aspects of photography.

Traveling in small groups, participants embark on field trips along Route 1, Maine’s coastal highway, into small towns, and maybe even a county fair, roller derby contest, or baseball game. Henry accompanies participants on daily excursions that explore the culture of the people of Maine and looking for what is usually overlooked. Working with students to reveal the essence of a place through frame, light, metaphors and lyricism.

Participants learn to use all of this within the frame to reveal their personal responses to the environments. Exploring the beautiful as well as the seemingly mundane to the untrained eye, participants reveal the well-hidden cultural and historical landscape of Maine and its inhabitants. 



"MMW was a great learning environment. The instructors & students made the experience one of a kind."
- Rebecca Judy, Laguna Beach, CA

"Incredible experience, looking forward to my next visit!"
- Brady Wilks, Boyds, MD


Henry Horenstein

Portrait by: Booth

Henry Horenstein is author of over 30 books, including the monographs Show, Honky Tonk, Animalia, Close Relations, Humans, and Racing Days, as well as some of the most widely used textbooks in the field, including Black & White Photography, Beyond Basic Photography, and Digital Photography. His photographs have been widely collected and exhibited internationally. Henry lives in Boston and is professor of photography at Rhode Island School of Design.

Course Dates

Aug 17 to Aug 23




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