Need a website to showcase your work, but don’t want to spend your time starting from scratch?

No problem. Template based websites abound with elegant and modern design. These modest costing template sites are “drag and drop” which make it easy to set up, edit, and maintain. In this week, we will cover all the basics and details of creating a website using a number of template providers including:

  • selecting and purchasing your domain name 
  • selecting a host for your website
  • selecting template based sites to meet your based on function, design, and support options from template company
  • customization of templates and implications
  • maintenance of your site
  • setting up an email account

Through lectures and discussion, we will review websites and look at elements of design which will help you to refine your needs and desires for your website. We will also work on image placement, sequence, and overall presentation. Participants can expect to have a website with email up and running by the end of the week.

Participants should bring at least one portfolio or group of images (8-20) that are web ready to get started. A credit card will also be necessary to get your site up and running.

Course Dates

This course is not offered at this time.
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