Taking the Leap Into Enhanced eBooks

Learn how to take your story (or your client’s) and turn it into an exciting, interactive, rich media eBook for fun and profit.

This one-week hands-on class focuses on the two most popular types of enhanced eBooks today: EPUB, which is the standard for open source digital books around the world, and .ibook, Apple’s proprietary format for interactive “Multi-Touch” books.

You’ll learn how these two formats came to be, their essential differences (including publishing and distribution restrictions), and why, if you want to offer your readers video, read-along, animation, and other enhancements to your narrative, it’s essential to learn how to design and produce eBooks in either one.

Starting with EPUB, you'll be stepped through the entire process, including:

  • Preparing text, images, and video and audio files
  • Using Adobe InDesign to pull most of the content together, add media, and format text
  • Employing free InDesign scripts to automate tasks
  • Exporting to flowable and fixed EPUB layout formats
  • Testing and tweaking the EPUB contents to add Javascript and CSS effects
  • Uploading and distributing your EPUB

For the .ibook portion of the class, you'll learn how you can take the same content and add interactive “widgets” to create effects not yet possible with the EPUB format. Apple’s Multi-Touch .ibook format publications are created with their free program, iBooks Author. You’ll be hands-on with iBooks Author and learn:

  • Choosing and editing templates
  • Importing and styling text
  • Working with floating and anchored objects
  • Importing images and video from the Media Browser and Adobe Bridge
  • Adding interactive widgets including 360 views, quizzes, and pop-ups
  • Proofing and publishing to the iBookstore

By the end of the week, you’ll have created an engaging and artful EPUB and .ibook using your content or ours, ready to show off to your colleagues, add to your portfolio, and maybe even upload to sell!