Think quickly, be adaptable, and hone your senses. Add the skills of the street photographer to your toolbox.

©David H. WellsA keen sense of one's surroundings, movement and light in combination with patience and readiness are the ingredients for great street photography.

In this workshop, students become aware of their environment and are more apt to create great images. Learning how to work rapidly and unobtrusively in busy environments with minimal equipment and maximum adaptability serve any photographer well as the skills of a great street photographer apply to most areas of photography outside of the control of the studio. Similarly, every photographer working on location is eager to improve their ability to quickly analyze the quality and direction of light, with the ability to frame and compose the image while anticipating the unfolding activity. Images that are misinterpreted as lucky photographs are often the result of an attentive eye and preparation.

The class is built on an intensive schedule of photographing, critiquing and then more of the same. The Union Fair will be the focus of the workshop.  However, additional local areas will also be visited.

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop for image processing and editing since this is not a based in a digital lab classroom.

© David Wells

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