Capture the essence of script and characters as you learn the secrets of still photography for film editorials and advertising

© Universal, Hopper Stone, SMPSPThis workshop is an opportunity to learn the skills needed to work as a photographer on the set of a feature film or television program. Your job, in such a case, is to create images for editorial and advertisement promotion; to collaborate wth artists and producers; to work successfully in demanding, high-pressure atmospheres, and to be a winning competitor in an incredibly competitive field.

Students explore the world of television and feature film still photography as a career. Through lectures, demonstrations, and daily practice within Maine Media film sets, they will learn what is required. Hayes covers set etiquette and procedures, equipment, and especially the attitudes necessary to work with creativity and success. He discusses the business and methods of gaining involvement, union requirements, studio and editorial needs, and social tactics needed to develop professional relationships with the film crews. 

Students photograph scenes, the actors, the crews, and most importantly, those moments which capture the essence of the script and gain insight into a character or the filmmakers at work. Participants leave with new images for their portfolios and an understanding of the requirements of working professionally on film sets.

Set photography is now a digital medium. Students are to bring digital SLR equipment and a basic knowledge of digital technology.

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