Expand beyond your comfort zone and discover a new energy in your work through thoughtful critique and guidance.

Student Image by: Richard TranfagliaThere is more to a photograph than simply what is placed in front of the camera lens. This course goes beyond taking photographs and into making photographs by translating what is seen, felt and experienced into a two-dimensional image.

This one-week course helps participants discover new possibilities, expand visual interest and add new energy to creating work. Mornings begin with review and critiques of the previous day’s photographs, followed by a slide lecture and discussion of a new aspect of photographic vision. A multitude of genres are explored, such as the landscape, the portrait, objects and the emotional photograph, each providing new challenges and opportunities. Lectures examine the work of major photographers in specific fields, providing a context for each day’s work.

Afternoons are spent in the field working on specific assignments, each designed to awaken the eye and strengthen the ability to deal effectively with new subject matter in a highly personal way. Assignments are designed to develop the ability to see and create photographs of what is experienced and felt with intention.

Final review of the week’s work includes an assessment of each student’s progress, new ground broken, discoveries made and the directions to continue working upon leaving Rockport.


"This was an experience like no other...immersion into this world of photo has been a great opportunity"
- Stacy Gjere, Rochester, MN

"Sight and Insight pushes you along your personal journey with photography and instructs with simple word phrases like, watch your borders, combined with teaching and examples"
- Florence Biddle, Purcellville, VA

"Magnificent integration of commentary of my work, the history of photography, and suggestions for future by the instructor"
- Paul Kessel, New York, NY

"I was pushed to expand past my comfort zone.  What I was accustomed to doing and the risk & the journey & the results were hugely rewarding."
- Becky Moseman, VA

"Instructor provides insight into the sources of our emotional involvement with photographs"
- Allan Green, Cambridge, MA

"My time here has been both inspiring & revealing"


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