Explore how your connection with your human subjects impacts your images

© Eric GottesmanHow can the relationship between a photographer and a subject lead to better images? 

At times, the photographer is voyeur and the subject a passive object, in which case the photograph can adopt a feeling of invasiveness or exposure.  At other times the photographer shares a rapport with his/her subject and the visions of all involved can be found in the image. It can be difficult to find the balance between being respectful, being honest, and protecting your own creative endeavors. 

In this workshop, we investigate these practices in photography and in filmmaking.  We explore different kinds of relationships between photographer and subject, from partnership to more antagonistic relationships between photographer and subject. Through a class project – in which students photograph one “person” throughout the course of the week – as well as films, discussions and lectures, this class outlines a critical and practical framework for photographing human subjects that can address the following questions: What is the role of authority/authorship in the act of taking pictures?  How is time of exposure (of film to light as well as of photographer to subject) a photographic tool?  

© Eric Gottesman

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