Discover the power and full-impact of news-worthy images

Tell a story with the power of still photography. This is a digital photojournalism workshop that provides students with an overview of current trends and practices worldwide.

The fundamental principles and applications of making the full range of “news-worthy” photographs - from feature photos to general news - are covered in detail. The impact of the still photograph as a conduit of information and the power of the still photograph as an influence on public opinion in today’s multimedia industry are discussed throughout the week. Ethical, moral and post production considerations in photographing current events (local, national and international), freedom of the press, and the public’s right to know are also addressed during the workshop.

Using digital cameras and computers, students will apply Photoshop techniques to produce professional, polished images which they learn to deliver electronically to the instructor.

Students should have hands-on working knowledge of their digital camera and basic computer skills.

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