Challenge yourself to see Maine with a fresh perspective.
Maine has long been a photographer’s paradise. From season to season, the landscapes change dramatically and offer many visual delights. This workshop will challenge photographers to see their environment through fresh eyes, using Maine as the backdrop. We will look beyond clichés, extract the tranquility and discover exciting new ways to photograph the world around us.

Jacob Hessler, a fine art photographer and lifetime resident of Maine, will take us to his favorite places, includingquiet lakes, rolling hills, coastal islands, and his 138-year-old farm. Hessler's farm has a working photography studio housed in a historic 1877 barn, and is almost a square mile in size, with wild blueberry fields, woods, an old sugarhouse, and miles of stonewalls. We will also visit several iconic landmarks, with the goal of capturing them in a new way. 

In addition to the fieldwork, the class will hone their skills in the digital darkroom using their own laptops and imaging software. The group will leave at the end of the week feeling empowered to critique and sequence their own photography in new ways. There were also be ample time to discuss exhibiting and promoting their art in the future. 

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