Serious about developing a project for a book or exhibition? This week is for you.

©  Gordon StettiniusA one-week long workshop focused upon editing, developing and refining your personal projects – as books and as potential exhibitions.

This workshop will focus upon two essential strategies for getting your work out into the world and the specific issues that will need to be addressed to make this happen.

For book projects; we will workshop each project as a group in the class – as well as one on one - developing the look and feel of the ideal book for your work, and the implications of that ‘perfect realization’ in terms of materials, costs, time, and potential partners for collaboration.  These discussions will include the crafting and clarifying of the message or narrative of the work, as well as the marketing and promotional possibilities of your particular project.  We will also examine the merits of your project when conceived as an artists’ book as opposed to the treatment your project may receive once a traditional publisher has interpreted the work.

For projects seeking exhibition; we will visit the editing, presentation, and budgeting necessary to press forward with the qualitative aspects of your project, and the strategic marketing and promotional aspects of getting your work in front of the right audiences.  Galleries are driven by personalities, identifying the right fit, and learning how to be the right partner for that gallery are sometimes confounding ideals.  The quality of any project is the primary concern of any artist, but each project can also benefit from a unique marketing approach that might allow that project to catch on with its target audience.


Gordon Stettinius

Gordon Stettinius’ work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, his photography can be found in both private and public collections, and he is a winner of the 2009 Theresa Pollak award for Excellence in the Arts.  Stettinius is represented by Robin Rice Gallery in New York and Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.  He is also an emeritus member of 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia and an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

A photographer for near thirty years, in 2010, Stettinius founded an independent publishing company, Candela Books, to release a monograph of New York photographer Gita Lenz.  An exhibition of Lenz’ work opened concurrently at Gitterman Gallery in New York.  In 2011, Stettinius published the fourth book, Salt & Truth. from American photographer Shelby Lee Adams followed by Sunburn, a monograph of contemporary photographer Chris McCaw.  Candela released their fourth and fifth books in November 2014 -- Black Forest, a subterranean anthology of contemporary photography edited by Russell Joslin and Mangini Studio, a collaboration between Stettinius and Terry Brown.

In 2011, Candela Gallery was founded, opening with exhibitions to support Candela’s first book titles but quickly filling its schedule with photographers of national reputation.  The gallery is located in a newly renovated building inRichmond’s Downtown Arts District.




©  Gordon Stettinius

Course Dates

Jul 26 to Aug 1



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