Make a dynamic and cohesive portfolio and learn the skills needed to circulate and taken profit from your work.

© Forest McullinWhether a photographer’s interest is fine art, documentary photo-journalism, or commercial photography, they need to have an understanding of how they fit into our industry. This includes having a dynamic and cohesive portfolio, knowing how to get it seen, and figuring out how to make it profitable.

During this week, participants should be prepared to take a long, hard look at where their portfolio stands today, both in relation to their intent and in the way it relates to the work of others. Next is a discussion of where each photographer wants to go in their career including an analysis of how their current work supports this direction and what the long term viability of those market segments might be. Last is an examination of how to succeed. Marketing through traditional portfolios, electronic presentations, juried shows, grants, direct mail, web and blog sites and social networks will all be looked at. Business practices including pricing models, controlling overhead, and copyright issues are touched on as well.

Be prepared to ask and answer difficult questions and network with your peers. Aspiring and beginning professionals and seasoned pros looking for new insights are challenged by this workshop. Shooting excursions and head-clearing walks are included as needed.

Participants should bring print portfolios, additional samples for editing purposes, and all of their existing marketing materials.

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